What Were All Those Years About?

Was it a farce?
What we were doing, marinating in kilograms of books, overcooked by the heat of time. Did it have any reasonable point? Well, maybe a little, but will it be significant in the long-run?
As I said,we were forced to be there, however cynical that may sound. We were forced by the standards and principles set by SOCIETY which have set the dictum in our lives. We claim that we want education, with every cell in our veins…but do we really?
Yes, we were in school to learn but, practically, all we did were inapplicable theories. Was it training in life…or mental conditioning to believe that life is governed by countless laws, theorems, conventions and what-have-you. Who or what will prepare you for the real trials in life? Who will teach one how to bring up your kids, how to maintain healthy relationships in life, or just how not to get into isht?
Since when did we degrade our IQ’s to such levels? Infact, who on Earth came up with ths IQ stuff? Is it not obvious that the education system(however archaic and obsolete it may be) was crafted to mould only your scholastic mind, dooming whatever artistry lay expectant in you, waiting to be unleashed?
What were those 12 years all about…a farce?
For example, in today’s Saturday Nation, there’s this story of an alumnus of St. Austin’s Academy who was the top student in English in the recent IGSE exams. I applaud her, great achievement. I’m in envy actually because there’s nothing I admire more than a brilliant mind. But give her 10 years. Or just 5. Mention of such a great achievement won’t even summon the slightest turn of heads. She will be just another stranger among us, on her grind, just to build her name.(Unless she becomes a writer or something.) Just goes to show the vanity of it all.

Never peg your future success on the education you receive…especially if it is the 8-4-4( = zero ). For proof, just ask yourself where are all those guys who had 15 seconds of fame after national exam results were announced. Where are they? I can bet a couple of their less fortunate classmates are sitting pretty while singing Chris Brown’s ‘Look at me Now’.Look At Me Now – Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes So believe it, life is what you make of it. Wacha Ongeri akule hizo pesa…take your children to home-school. At least your child will avoid the mechanical programming that we call the 8-4-4. Just to grow into the bigger man. and I sign off humming to sauti sol’s Soma.

I’ve never let my school interfere with my education. 
Mark Twain 


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