18 Years on…A tribute to my dad. (via human_coloseum)

JULY 31ST 1993. I don’t remember anything from this day. I don’t know whether I cried, or just lay silent. All I know is that my life changed from then on. I couldn’t think of anything ‘glorious’ enough. But this post, by the bigger brother just does it like I never would have been able. This is to the greatest Dad ever.

Years ago a child was born in the hilly fertile slopes of Mt. Kenya. His parents named him Dickson Kabugu Mutegi. I called him dad. He must have been diligent from his early days since, I believe, some traits are innate and cannot be learnt on the job. He was studious in school and responsible at home – as was clearly evidenced in his later years. Back in Chuka,  he herded my granny’s goats and cattle as was the duty of all the young lads. Kickin … Read More

via human_coloseum


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