That Girl

Yesterday, I met a girl.

Not just the random ordinary girl.

A girl with a story, a sad story, a lonely story. A modern day Rapunzel (minus the long golden hair). Living the life, lavish with all the good stuff. Nothing to complain of. Ummmh, well almost nothing.

Just one small problem. She is loved.

Yes, I mean just that. She’s loved. She’s a single child you see, soaking up all her mum’s love, a whole flood of it! You might not know how it feels…you might. But it’s undisputable, it can be SICKENING! Too much of anything is harmful. So when you find a child having no friends outside their home’s gate, not being able to venture out of it unaccompanied, using their phone as the only window to the outside world.

So I sat there, with this cheerful, intelligent girl, trying to exhaust the world’s collection of random things to talk of, a few laughs shared. But every now and then, she would go all silent, and just stare into the space (and I know that’s not because I’m boring). So I also just sat there, allowing those seconds of silence (punctuated by the crying of some soap opera actor) to flow by. Everyone needs those. Therein lays the secret to mental clarity.

So I just wondered, why this? This God-given gift of love, parental love to be exact, one of the loveliest things EVER. Growing without it is unimaginable. It’s what shapes you. But what will it shape you into if eventually it becomes destructive to your development? Restricting one’s social growth promises one some tough trials out there. Who will your child be?

Just a simple question where does it become too much?


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