The Kenyan August

This week has been exhilarating, fantamagorgeuos, bombastic, scintillating, mind-boggling, thrilling, invigorating, euphoric… *deep breath* and SEVEN DAYS LONG! I never thought that could happen. Not the seven days, dummy! All the other feelings before it!

New beginnings, huge surprises, just proving to you that God exists. And all these on the back of August ending. Which is basically the main thing that’s bugging me.

I’m a Kenyan, obviously, and there’s one superstition that lies in the back of most of our minds: August is bad luck! In retrospect, just look at this:

  • Kenyatta’s death
  • The US Embassy bombing
  • Kijana Wamalwa’s death (what happened to his fly wife btw?)
  • The attempted ’82 coup d’état

Well, just to name a few of the most prolific ones. I’m pathetic at superstitions. I think they were just created to prevent unpalatable practices in a society, much like taboos, but someone got carried away in the process and made up all of these awkward and sometimes funny superstitions. Maybe there’s truth in some of them…though little of it.

As for the Kenyan August, I know of enough people who have had a quite unexpected bad month. Family loss, exam fails, being dumped, LOSING 8-2 (but that’s beside the point). Is this just some ordinary random placing of events? Or is it possibly a periodical downturn of our human emotion due to us expecting it not to happen? If you’ve read Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret you’ll know that famous mantra that is ‘Thoughts become things’. I DON’T believe in this so-called ‘secret’…but I do know that thoughts do become things, something like an unconscious prayer to God. Remember, he knows all your thoughts before you’re even born. Same thing.

So my theory is that we bring this on ourselves. With this national ‘bad luck’ mindset that has been cultivated in us, due to the chance happenings that have come upon Kenya. There’s only one way to rid ourselves of it, and it’s still on the ‘thoughts become things’ thought-train.

A paradigm shift.  A pure shift of our thinking of this month…and maybe, just maybe all this might change.

Or it won’t. Because maybe all this is just a baseless superstition. But just as a failsafe why not enjoy the good things, endure the bad, and thank the Almighty for such a good blend of it all.


PS: I take this chance to thank all those who have believed in me and supported me through all my life, this year and this previous August specifically.

  • Oh, and ummmh, fantamagorgeous isn’t a real word, before you grammar-nazis out there roast me alive 😉

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