A Short Tribute

The Lunga-Lunga fire, the Zanzibar shipwreck…WHAT IS HAPPENING?

In the meagre space of 3 days, East Africa has lost promising 300+ lives, irreplaceable, loved…people who might have held the key to a better life for their people. People whose dreams and aspirations die with them, only to live on in the memories of their loved ones.

Just giving you a little dose of reality. Of just how fragile life is. Sometimes you never see it coming, totally blindsiding you. And one regrets not saying that simple prayer in the morning.

Just a random thought, I always wonder if the cliché that one’s life flashes before your eyes before you die really is true. Those that had totally escaped your conscious mind. I hope it’s true, because that would be just more proof of how amazing God works.

But I digress. My sorrow pours out to the victims of these two events. Two manners in which no-one would envy. Drowning. Burning to death. Slow, painful and full of anguish. A real-time nightmare. Kenya prays for those bereaved.

May God rest their souls.


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