Brain Juicers

This has been quite the weekend, full of queues, football, brotherly love, a couple of beers, The EPL (saviour of the male species from soap operas)…and omnipresent promise of a new promising future in the coming week.

And I made TWO great discoveries…actually 3:

  1. I’m allergic to bullsh*t!…and that’s not a joke.
  2. StumbleUpon
  3. Reverbnation

The BS one is quite self-explanatory, actually.

StumbleUpon is quite the gem…for anyone! I mean it..ANYONE! Whatever your tastes are: photography, abstract art, homosexuality, geek stuff, stock markets, music! Everything for Everyone. It’s basically just what it’s title suggests; you stumble upon items that are of a subject that interests you. i never thought i had an eye for art…well apart from my STD. 2 clip-art drawings…not until I came across some unconventional art forms on Sunday morning, like Reflection photography, such as in this photo:

you just wonder the kind of mental nightmare that poor kitty was experiencing then. I bet it’ll never be the same, NEVER!

Or this serene photo

Or this one

Or this

Simply marvelous…I think you  get the message…simply fantamargorgeous. (Sorry, childhood word I’ve never learnt to drop). I mean, some of these photos give you mental and visual orgasms! Please, spice up your weekend and fire up your week with some of this stumbles…you’ll never regret. You might even land on some #TedTalks while on there…which, I swear, are the most intelligent forums for free-thinkers worldwide! If you differ, feel free to…aaaah! Trust me there’s no way you will defer!

As for Reverbnation, if you would like a perspective into the Kenyan rock scene, this is my top recommendation. Murfy’s Flaw, Crystal Axis, M2o…I’m tired can’t remember the others. Tracing them on youtube is a stress, and I’ve never found a larger collection of works of unsigned hype…even Kapella who worked on that Toklezea track with Chantelle and Abbas. Just listening to some of Murfy’s Flaw‘s tracks makes you want to go all air-guitar on their tracks…especially their new one In Silence which has quite an interesting video


Okay, well, you can tell that my thoughts are all over the place, blame Arsenal (God Help Us) and this coming week of a new beginning. Feels like first day of high school all over again. But with such mental stimulators as are provided by these sites above,I’ll survive


Have a great week you all.


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