Short Hiatus

Sorry people (especially my subscribers). School can be such a nag, hectic schedules and stuff. So blogging became secondary for a moment. Now I only use the internet for intelligible stuff…sijui research nini nini!

But in a week or two, my thoughts, as clueless as they are, will be back; just your daily cup of tea, or coffee, or dog piss, whichever you fancy.

But in the mean time, let me leave y’all with a simple question that has troubled me for years. Why do women/ladies swing their hands so hard and widely when walking? Mind you, I’m only raising this as an issue brought to my attention by my nether-regions who have suffered endlessly and mercilessly for years. I have high hopes of being a proud dad soon….oh and this note, let me send my heartfelt cyber-congra-kiratu to my dear siz for being a first-time mum this past weekend…though I got beef that you didn’t give him my name like we had ‘agreed’.

The Baby Boy and I

I diress, as I was saying, I plan to be a dad, soon (or not), so please have mercy ladies. The amplitude of your arm-swing doesn’t add anything to your being…so hata kama ni a new radical underground form of Feminism : HAVE MERCY.


I’ll be back! *Terminates session*


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