Kenya Security Bugs #YourTake

I know of the Kahawa Barracks, Lang’ata Barracks, GSU HQs, NYS, Nanyuki Airbase, Lanet, Thika Barracks But these are but just a few of the nerve centres of our military. We are a country at war…and the Al-Shabaab scum shall taste our wrath.

But one conspicuous feature of almost all of them gives me the creeps each day. Children. Thousands of them. Walking in pursuit of the dream, lugging huge book-laden backpacks, playing innocently without a worry of the world’s hassles. Some are the children of our servicemen, residing within those barracks. But majority are those living in the environs, benefitting from their ‘perfect’ placement.

But how perfect? As I said, we are a country at war, and the world itself is too volatile as it is. You never know what tomorrow brings. So let me be a wee bit sadistic with my creativity here. Kenya is generally a peaceful nation, few enemies and all. But let’s suppose that sh*t hits the fan (excuse my French). Al-Shabaab obtain the resources or the balls to carry out some daring sortie into our boundaries. Well, it’s rather obvious that these guys have already infiltrated our systems and establishments. Remember the Foreign Affairs PS Thuita Mwangi admitting that they have allowed certain individuals to live within Kenya. We know our Govt. is the epitome of complacency, so imagine the number of undesirables who sneaked in without their express knowledge?

Or maybe the crazy guerrilla leader next door slips a nut and goes all Idi-Amin on us. We all know what a low holding he has of Kenya…so don’t think I’m being far-fetched here. However this is only worst-case scenario visualization.

So, if any of these or any other unthinkable occurs, am I deluded to believe that these very same barracks will be a major target? Especially those fitted with heavy artillery and the main arms-dumps? And where will these children be when this (God forbid) happens? Consider that the element of surprise is vital in almost all infiltrative (or otherwise) military operations…thus that rules the obvious possibility of evacuation.

I bet you get the gist of what I mean by now. I understand that these schools have been purposefully built to service the servicemen and women (wordplay…hehe!), but as you might observe, majority of the children are from the environs. These barracks are not situated in impoverished areas, so there must be other schools in the vicinity, and an opportunity to build more where there may be none.

All I ask is, is it safe to have these schools built and operating within military compounds? #YourTake?


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