Did any of you look at @ndinda’s tweets today morning? At around 8 a.m. to 8.30? Pretty insightful if you ask me; an ordinary Kenyans perspective on the ‘harassment’ from local authority, political shenanigans and the basic hassles of life. I don’t know if she paraphrased or quoted them word-for-word but each tweet from that matatu conversation spoke of the basic pains almost all of us go through. Some of these justified as they are necessary to weave up the moral fabric that holds the (in)sanity of our society in place, and some just the affliction that grinds our revolutionary wheels to a halt.

Because that is what we need: A REVOLUTION!

This famous French Revolution painting says it all

A revolution that will uplift the masses, inspire them to rise against, to go against the grind and seek what is rightfully theirs. To annihilate the beast that is the oppression that this beleaguered society lives under, making our souls bleed in search of a greater purpose in life. All the world’s inhabitants want is success. From that small bacteria/virus that has to successfully propagate itself, the insect that has to battle tens of its species with brute force just to dispose of its seed, the animals that fight to the death to get a mate and we, humans, overflowing with charm and a notion we call love to justify our claims to lengthen our family line (sophisticated aren’t we).

That’s all we need. A triumph, accomplishment, that realization; whatever you may call it. And that’s what our society’s present morass holds us back from. If only we could have the great, fearless minds to whom we owe the fair doctrine of liberty, equality, and fraternity (Robespierre and the like), to draw us out of the quagmire we lie in today. Maybe, as many have claimed, we do need our own Gaddaffi/Gadhafi (to *** with the spelling of his name): a benevolent dictator of sorts. Before you shoot me down for even thinking of this, just do some research. Ghadafi (their goes the spelling again) did just way too much for Libya for you to brand him the ‘world’s evilest ruler’. Well, Libya may have been a police state…I agree that that sucks big-time…and the end of his rule was his own undoing. But, for me, his many-year rule stuck the balance between good and evil…blame my ignorance of facts if I’m wrong.

So I pray that from the hills, shall come my salvation, our salvation…and mind you, this does not geographically eliminate flatter regions of Kenya…or Azania (Southern Somalia) judging from recent events. Oh and on that note, what’s with this @MajorEChirchir and dishing out info on twitter? I’m not complaining, just wondering how many armies globally also have that … North Korea maybe?


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