I am a BEAST!

I saw the moon, I saw the clouds, I felt the wind. I felt you. You crawling over my skin, staring into my eyes…never breaking the gaze. Holding me with them, as if reading my thoughts. But if you really were reading my thoughts, you would be scared. Very scared of me, my mind, my sinister being. The endless maze of evil coated with goodness. Just like that poisoned apple, all red and juicy on the outside, a breeding haven for worms on the inside.

Don’t judge me because I hide it from you. No. Be happy that I choose not to expose you to it. That I at least value you enough to love, serve and protect you. That I do not smear you with my inequities. Because all I am, as you too are, is human. I can never be this good, but, yes, I CAN be that bad. Don’t judge me, please don’t. You are just the same. Difference is I have accepted myself.

You know me as a saint; just considering the unconscious façade I placed before myself, to protect myself from the excesses and unnecessary evils of the world. Occasionally I might rip it off, show you the true me. If you love me, you will stay. But I will understand if you run. Run and hide. Trust me, if I was you I would too. Save myself.

I am ready to maul, to hurt, to wound. Maybe to kill, I don’t know. It’s that animal instinct, you know. The predator within. Have to satisfy the urge, the beast, the hunger. He has a mind of his own. (And don’t go all ‘religious’ on me about that ‘beast’! it’s figurative, hobo! Hehe.)

Only your presence can assuage this hunger, the love for you that lies within. Haven’t you read ‘The Beauty and the Beast’?  The soothing calm that is you, only that can rein in the mindless blood-thirst that boils within. So my dear, do not fret, draw near. I will not bite…I think. But I warn you in advance, I WILL tickle…don’t know why, it’s an inherent habit.

All I beg: love me as I love you.

Sincerely, the other side of me.



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