Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I didn’t even bother ask for permission to reblog this but it is simply the simplest and true read you will have this February.

Kiriga III's Blog

I’m a minimalist, attempting to get sophisticated, dress better, drink less, switch to Heineken (no love lost @TuskerLager , but there are things I like to do on Saturday, and a heavy head in the morning makes it pretty difficult to be effective) – you know the drill: mature. That’s what I’m attempting. Village Market, brush shoulders with a few white peeps, you know the deal – tryna find out how the other half lives. I am a product of my environment – I’m trying to fit into the global landscape – the flowing champagne parties, a few Dunhills on a balcony on the South side of Amsterdam with not a care on my mind. I’m trying to fit it. A young man from Nyeri, trying to fit into this heddonistic financial world. I hope I’m sharp enough – I hope I make the cut – you know, “significantly exceed expectations” and…

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