Take A Moment

Sit down. Relax. Breathe deep. Now look around. SEE what you see. Not just looking, but rather try to understand and appreciate what you perceive. Embrace your senses, six or five, whichever number you feel more inclined to. Be free. Again, breathe deep. Know and recognize all that you smell…pole kama uko na homa, hapo utajisort.

Embrace the beauty around you. The blue sky, Lord knows June and July will be some really grey days, and typically Kenyans will be all over social media moaning about it. Picture those clouds. Relive that moment in Std. 3 when your class-teacher took you out into the fields and instead of going psycho trying to identify sijui nimbo-cumulus and stuff; but instead asks you to identify which clouds look like which animals. I remember I was the crazy one who instead of mentioning cows and stuff, was seeing dragons and fearsome beasts up there. I still see them to this day, till right now. I want to remember those days when my unfettered mind roamed that grey zone between reality and fiction, the ‘twilight zone’ you may call it. Because then and only then could our madness be happily embraced by our seniors as developing creativity, young naivety. A kind of sane insanity, that one that persists to this day, which most pretend to hide behind a veil of adulthood and ‘maturity’.

This young naivety being what allowed you to discover the yet unknown to that virgin mind, yet to be corrupted by the abounding stereotypes that rule the human civilization. That young mind that freely embraced and acknowledged beauty, grace, and the occasional ‘senseless’ jibber-jabbering that most ignore now. Girls and boys playing in the grass, climbing trees, baking mud-cakes in the sun (complete with baking powder and stuff), racing each other down the hill, swimming in the nearby stream…not bothering that one day all this will end, prompted by that ‘birds and the bees’ talk.

But since man in his finite wisdom is yet to invent a time-warping device to take us back to those glorious times, take your time NOW! Now, while you still have the chance and the mental acuity that age shall eventually rob of you. There is no escaping it.

So take it slow. Unhasten your steps. What’s the hurry? We all have a similar unambiguous destination. So sit down. Relax. Take a deep breath. And if by now your sinuses are still blocked, a few menthol rubs could help. So take that deep breath.

Hear the birds chirp, the traffic flowing (or not, depending on which road you are on), the purr of those engines; the beat of the drum over the stereo. Nod your head to the beat, music is food to the soul.

Look around you, be it the blue sky or the star-strewn black night. Marvel at what man is capable of, the good and the bad. The skyscrapers/sky-scrappers/sky-crappers (depending on who taught you English), the beauty of those walking around you, the madness that is the human fashion world, be it weaves, skinny jeans, mismatched suits, sagging jeans, and those oversized shades that were initially intended as factory rejects until…until something happened, whatever it was. Pity.

Savour the touch of those around you, the scent of their perfume, natural or otherwise. Enjoy the company of friends, attempt the unchallenged. You only live once. Don’t rush through it.

Forgive the earlier cliché. I end by quoting a now obsolete band (to me), Nickelback.  The first verse in their ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’ single starts:

My best friend gave me the best advice,

He said each day is a gift,

And not a given right.


6 thoughts on “Take A Moment

  1. Wow,buddy,I really love your style of writing.Your blogs always make me laugh while at the same time think hard.Thank you for that.:) And oh yes,your sense of humour’s still intact,me likey!I WILL slow down,breathe in slowly and deeply and take in all that’s around me that I often miss.


  2. “..Marvel at what man is capable of, the good and the bad..” the ugly, the evil, the cold, the warm, the lovely and the despicable…………!! What more can one say? Deep down, we’re still children at heart.


  3. now, in as much as ur thots r clueless, they r also kidumic… Ad say, they give that feeling i get wen i have to attend an idun lecture, a feeling of fun coz i can actually play nfs without interruptions like ‘cabo snoop… Wats a tort…’ [gichuki accent]… Hehe


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