There Is No Such Thing As Reality


‘What is real? How exactly do you define “real”?’ – Morpheus in The Matrix (1999)

What exactly is this realness that we all believe exists, that defines what to believe and what to push away as a hoax? Who tells us that all we are going through right now is just one big lie? An illusion? A mirage that we call life? Who tells you that the sky is blue?

What exactly is this thing we call the sky? Is it even really blue?  Does it even exist? Is it “real” or just another figment of our imagination?

Of course, some of these are just baseless questions; mostly because my intelligence quotient seems to be reducing day-by-day.

Actually what’s nagging me is that we live in a world where we take some things as being given facts, never questioning their legitimacy. We do simply because anything to the contrary shreds away at the ancient notion of logic, drawn up by renowned Greek scholars.

These facts have been further embellished by religious teachings!

And these religions, all requiring their followers to (sometimes blindly) ‘have faith’ in the teachings, to never question these writings and philosophies, which have pushed us ever further from the pure knowledge that man once possessed.

Covering the truth with falsehood, then compelling their flock to follow their shepherd blindly (please note that this is NOT a Christian reference), and thus over the years, the bearers of truth have been persecuted, pushing the documentation of such knowledge down into the catacombs of the world.

Into a forgotten underworld, where those who are brave enough to venture are deemed criminals, heretics; excommunicated from the rest of civilization.

I believe there was a time, a knowledgeable time, when the world was full of scholars and knowledge was shared freely, without fear of being held in contempt by one’s peers, a time when knowledge was pure, unadulterated…when scholars ventured into fields unknown, regions parallel to what we now consider to be ‘the truth’.

Yes, yes, you are free to term these as ungodly times, indeed they might have been.

There is no denying that, as the world stands, there are some very questionable realms of knowledge that few dare venture into.

These are the original forms of knowledge, an adulterated form which remain as such due to their sometimes powerful or harmful results. We all know of them, not necessarily of their existence, but of them. We mention them in contempt. Why? Religion. Religion, which rightly so steers us clear of that path, because, whether you base your belief on a Higher Being or what-(whom-) ever else, these beliefs are meant to steer us off these destructive paths.

Yes, I know you’re thinking it already. And you probably think Mutegi has lost his marbles here, eh? Well, maybe I have. Or maybe we all have. And none of us is actually sane, and this planet is just a boiling broth-pot of insanity. To make it clear, yes, I do believe in magic. It is powerful. But whether it is wrong/evil and whatever else, I prefer not to answer. For all I know, some bit of it is. Indeed, whether you like it or not, witchcraft is real…. And I also know one other thing, there is a more powerful force than it out there; and depending on your faith, that force has many names, mine being the Holy Spirit.

And due to our limited knowledge of such fields of knowledge, we, with the background of our religious faiths, condemn them as being as wholly vile and evil. But how sure can we be?

One obvious thing is that our religions are not pure. Take a look at our present churches, and for Muslims their mosques.

They have been instilling religious fanaticism into their faithful flock. It is based on such thoughts that I know and believe that our religions at present are just as adulterated as knowledge is. Now you must really think I’ve totally lost it.

Well, in justification, take a look at the history books, specifically at the Roman Catholic Church.

Over the millennia, the man who has sat on St. Peter’s throne has led the largest religion on this planet unchallenged, well until the Reformation.

If you read further, you unearth facts, those that remain unchallenged by the Vatican itself because it is known to be the truth.

There have been times when Christianity as a religion on Earth was directed by selfish men, more of bloodthirsty, self-enriching individuals rather than a Pontifex Maximus.

The most suitable that fits into this “treatise” mine is condemnation and torture of Galileo Galilei. If it wasn’t for his works, mankind would still be living on a pancake per se. there’s a dose of adulterated knowledge for you.

I must however state that that the Vatican did officially apologize for this in the 80s; and to imagine that this is just one among the many.

We know, and accept that most of the Christian holidays that we observe at present share origins with given pagan rituals. Some deny this, some accept it. I personally commend it, because by doing so the Roman Catholic Church was able to bring the unbelieving into such a broad net…a fishing-net maybe, (humming: “I will make you fishers of men”). But that too is a form of adulterated knowledge. It is no longer as pure as it might have been intended to be. But we still believe, because this adulterated knowledge gives us a constant earthly reminder of that which we cannot see.

And here I beg to digress to a more, shall we say, controversial topic. This said Illuminati/Freemason fiasco. I have grown up, and continue to live a mere one kilometre away from the Freemason’s temple/lodge here in Nyeri. And as a kid, not a month would go without creepy stories doing rounds of children being abducted in the night or on their home back from school, and then being subjected weird rituals in that temple and a certain bamboo shrine built next to it. Definitely these tales were highly exaggerated for effect, but I will not deny that these guys had weird events going on there. What with heavy drumming in the middle of the night and random screaming (yes, I actually did hear these…and one week later the nearby residents burnt that Freemason Lodge down during the night).

And all over my high-school life, I had some of my most memorable arguments, in class, inside Kirkley House, in the Fourth Form Study Block…everywhere! And most of these revolved around famous artistes and their supposed Illuminati connections. No denying it, the world is rife with these secret societies. The purpose of their secrecy…who knows. Good or bad, there’s a reason for their secrecy and I constantly used one method to silence (albeit temporarily) my fellow interlocutors. “Bring forward solid proof, and not mere speculation, that this society is as evil as you claim it to be and that whoever the accused was is indeed a member”. And of course, there never was any. All that we have to “prove” such allegations is media speculation, and well it’s a given that the media writes what sells, even at the expense of truth. And in light of such debates, and the fact that I was known to be an ardent rock music fan, my faith came into question of course.

My position then and now is that we do not know what is real. We are blind in this world and we have very few and dim leading lights to show us the way…among them being our various religions. But even these lights cannot be followed blindly. Not even religion. Your faith and religion are two distinct concepts. One must all times be open to the idea of criticizing their religion, but never their faith. Only through questioning your religion will one truly understand what that body of knowledge entails, although never in its entirety.

That’s the thing about us humans. It is that mystery, that lack of knowledge, that belief in darkness that we call Faith that draws us to our religions. And those who know this manipulate this knowledge, this leading light, to lead unsuspecting individuals to a path of senseless indoctrination.

So, this is a humble plea, do not be blind.

Follow the facts, follow your heart, follow you faith.

This post was inspired by my four years of high school, a wee bit of trance music, a serene view of the coffee farms on the valley neighbouring my home, my church, Paulo Coelho’s novel Brida, an infatuation with The Matrix Trilogy and a dabble of senseless tweets posted by a certain individual who possesses a fetish for sharpening knives and whom I’m blessed to call a brother aka @Inde_fatigable.


15 thoughts on “There Is No Such Thing As Reality

  1. I read some place,can;t recall where, that we should question everything…..everything. When we stop questioning, that is the end of us.

    As for religion, let us not open that can of worms……. instead of spreading spirituality, they are now peddling intolerance, bigotry and demagoguery! Where then are the followers supposed to turn to? Question these iRreligious leaders is now almost like a sin….since most of these sects are more like fiefdoms led by people with egos the size of small planets!

    Pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake is gone, disappeared…….and what is available is cooked stories…………interesting times we are living in. Try think for yourself and the wrath of masses will fall on you like a plague!

    Welcome to world where free men are prisoners of their ‘knowledge’.



  2. Want to see unadulterated knowledge? go to and see the videos of this years #TEDGlobal2012 amazing stuff those people are spewing forth! They call it, TED-Ideas worth sharing!


  3. the knife sharpening thing… just yesterday, that thing you called your brother was in a butchery commending the butcher on his sharp knife.

    and i shall remind you of the merovingian, there is only one truth, cause and effect. I read your post, it stimulated my mind; cause, so here i am, leaving a comment; effect


    • He is crazy, that one. Just as we all are.

      You know what, I remembered that line while writing the post but couldn’t get a way to insert it. Thanks for the favour then.


  4. Ai,this is A LOT! Kwanza how long did it take to write this? Have I ever told you you’re an old soul on young shoulders? You actually never cease to amaze me. You indeed have opened a can of worms. I admit, I HAVE questioned religion severally,but stopped myself,knowing that I don’t really want to go there. I like what you said about criticising religion being ok,but not faith. I actually concur. And perhaps this will give me the courage to go down that road of questioning religion. Faith is pure,religion,as u said,is adulterated. Why not stick to faith and leave it at that?


    • Truth be told, when I finished typing it out, I sat back and said ‘WTH!’ Longest piece I’ve ever written yet, but most satisfying.

      Sticking with my faith is what I have always and will continue to do. Only safe thing to do actually. and just wondering, is the term/concept ‘religion’ mentioned in the Bible? okay, I should stop with the questions.


  5. nice stuff kiddo!!! but let me correct you one one thing. the Vatican actually apologized to Galileo in the year 2000 not in the 80’s


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