One Year Along

Exactly one year ago, I updated my facebook status ( who does that anymore, anyway) with the words “Clueless. Thinking of a title for my blog.” And there I had it.

The brainchild of my idleness. Just another way for me to get my voice heard. As if it isn’t heard enough already.

It’s been real, maturing from typing out grammar-mauling facebook notes, pouring my heart out, and at times testing the limits of my sanity.

And all along, I have held a
constant audience. Starting with my 1st post, 1000 Ways To Die, which boasts the highest number of views to this day, courtesy of a certain Arsenal badge. Regular comments, weirdly fluctuating number of blog views, a handful of subscribers. I think that’s all I need to go strong. Cluelessly strong.

So here’s to all the 2000+ views that you have given this blog, and to all the other times you will visit for a dose of my (in)sanity.

So to mark this day, I will pop the imaginary champagne, and cut lots of cake, then dish out the humongous pieces to those who will help me out here by listing their favourite posts from my blog in the comments section.

Beware, I am hungry and a sucker for black forest cake. Chelewa chelewa…… 😉


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