Random Mumblings (Disguised As An Apology…plus a list for #KoT)

Two days ago I had my ego stroked…no, it was given a SENSUAL SWEDISH MASSAGE. And by a lady, just to make sure it was wholly appropriate. Don’t get me wrong though, I know enough people who tend to overthink things (I included).

I was given the simplest yet profound compliment on my random musings on this blog. If it came at any other time, definitely I would have accorded it the obligatory thanks and moved on. But of course, you’ve noticed that in the past few months the interval between posts has steadily lengthened. Well, you could almost say I was living off the high of hitting an all-time high of views in one day, and that came from one of my most unassuming posts ever. Just shows how far a little simplicity can push you; wish someone could push that message to this generation of teenagers.

But I can also, true my Kenyan ways (always a patriot, hehe) push some blame unto these internet providers of ours. Got to love just how much love they got for us and our money, sucking us dry leaving me to think my wallet looks more like some sun-dried raisin. It seems like aeons since we were assured of that promised land of cheap, uninterrupted, high-speed broadband internet. Fibre-optic cables, what-not, me dreaming of streaming NFL/EPL  games from the comfort of my couch, endless Skype, Wi-Fi signals saturating the air around you till you can feel the buzzing in your hypothalamus…okay, okay, now  I’m pushing it.

All these dreams of getting to all that cyber ‘milk and honey’.  Seems to me like we still got a few more years to hit that spot…just hope this isn’t one of life’s great curveballs and we end up being taken on a merry-go-round endeavour for a couple of more years; Vision 2030 perhaps. Or maybe 40 years since we are targeting a land of milk and honey…just wonder who our Moses could be. Bets on Bitange Ndemo and his cronies? Hehe.

So without the unlimited high-speed internet connection that I’d finally entered a steady relationship with (Yes, aliingia box finally) and I got proof:


I will never forget that day. When I went down on one knee, with FreshlyGround’s Buttercup softly playing in the background. All going silent for that crucial moment, I reached into my bag for the all-important item. Beads of sweat of trepidation cascaded down my sinewy back as brought the package out, holding it out. And, lo and behold, she accepted the LAN cable and we lived happily ever after as the picture below testifies:

Well, that was until my semester ended and this long vacation was dumped on me. And who am I to invest in a modem whose bundles are disproportionately priced? Sufferer wa Mungu kama mimi?

But do not be afeared! Oh, do not be afeared, ye host of thine motherland! The clueless one was once asunder but, alas, hast now been found. So fret not (as if you were even about to) because I am now back. And I think my following posts might make a bit more sense than this. Actually a whole lot more sense, because I bet once I hit that publish button, I will wonder what cheap drug I was on as I typed this, Sisters of Death, nini nini.


Oh, and one last reason for my hiatus (though none need to be given): all that lists hullabaloo on Twirra. Those were dark times. Dark, dark times. A time when WordPress’ credibility was crumbling in Kenya’s cyber world…but just as any other fad, it died a silent death. Good riddance.

Anyway, I will leave you with a list of some songs that have made these four months bearable…across all genres. Anybody would love them, no matter your preferences. And I just had to make a list…so that when I grow up, which I haven’t yet done, I will tell my children, ”Once upon a time, in those dark middle ages clouded by youth’s vanity, I WROTE A LIST! Yes! A list!”‘

Ha, who am I kidding, but here it is:

  1. Green Day – time of Your Life
  2. Avicii vs Lenny Kravitz – Superlove
  3. Otto Knows – Million Voices
  4. Bob Marley – Redemption Song
  5. B.o.B ft. Andre 3000 – Play The Guitar
  6. Zahara – Loliwe
  7. FreshlyGround –  Buttercup
  8. And lastly Konshens – Colour Purple or its more common variants.

6 thoughts on “Random Mumblings (Disguised As An Apology…plus a list for #KoT)

  1. Wewe….. lists were good….they showed us the real colours of KOT! Nothing brough the true elements of this lot that the original list…..and I say with lotsa background data that I will not share!



  2. i made it my duty to comment on all posts you make but hii imeniacha wondering what to write……this was truly a clueless musing. Venye nilianza kuisoma ndiyo nimetoka…no value added no value removed.


  3. eddting iko off kidogo as the following line testifies….And, lo and behold, she accepted the LAN cable and we lived happily ever after as the picture below testifies
    The picture is above.


  4. hahaha shit!!!! kumbe you have to add your name so that it shows who it’s from, i thought adding my email address would take care of the rest….anyway, continue writing and i’ll continue commenting. Lets keep the pecking order as it is.


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