Carpe Diem.

Some people blog to embarrass me! Two blogposts in one day…no not in one day, in less than an hour while I’m just here staring at my screen! That’s almost a declaration of blog-war. I admit I am not living up to my earlier promises. But no-one’s got anything on me, you know why? Coz I make the rules around here. Enough of these shenanigans, anyway.

But I have to admit, it’s hard overcoming that writer’s block when you got so many random things happening simultaneously around you. Ideas, plans, school-work, music. The world seems so rich nowadays.  Like one of those black bui-buis/burqas worn by my Muslim sisters (Juma Kareem to you all). So monotonously black, but just when your eyes are tired of all that darkness, that immaculate golden embroidery pleasantly assaults one’s eyes.

Almost a reminder that it’s never too late, too serious to enjoy the more pleasant, more relaxed and enjoyable aspects of this sometimes dreary life.

Wonder what went through that embroiderer’s mind; needle in hand, steady and experienced from all those garments sewn. Creativity untapped, just about to unleash it on that tapestry, to exhibit before the world. Why? Because she can, because the inner mind tells her to, because what is thought must be manifested for its true glory to be understood and marvelled at. Doing it because she can, and of course, because she gets paid to do it.

So for a moment, picture this world without creativity. Bland, monotonous, cyclical, nauseating. BORING! What would this world be if people didn’t dare to do something new, some novel idea thrust into the cesspool of unchallenged minds? Some new music, some new fashion style/fad (you can’t really differentiate the two, can you?) new food (ever wondered which suicidal Frenchman came up with flambé?) Or even those chemistry geniuses, the Sisters of Death.

I’ll tell you what; it’s all about living for the moment. Memento mori, carpe diem! Remembering that you’re a mere mortal and that your days are numbered and the only option you got is to make the most of what you’ve got.

When that fresh new idea pops into your conscious mind, run after it…not blindly though. Try something new…no need for abruptness. Try a few subtle changes in life occasionally, like that subtle bui-bui embroidery. A new past-time, new people, food, places. Don’t just be that old Joe we’ve known since long ago. Risk it, once in a while. At least if you cut yourself with the needle as you put up your embroidery, next time you’ll remember to put on that thimble. Some caution wouldn’t hurt.

Do it, just because you can.



5 thoughts on “Carpe Diem.

  1. Hahaha! Saw the “two blogs” in under 1hr……quite unprecedented….. And the buibuis can be quite interesting if only you know what to look at ……and under them too…. 😉 Oh well…


  2. thimble….i was looking for that word some time back i just kept looking for thumbile in th dictionary but never found it!! Change doesn’t come that easy bana. And it takes time to get perfection(it could also mean your just a slow blogger)


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