We Are Drowning ‘The Poem’

I’ve never been handy at poetry. But when, yesterday,  a friend read the original blog-post “We Are All Drowning” and said it to be poetic, I thought: what the heck, let me give it a try. So for the sake of publishing in a small-time campus magazine, I ‘shrunk’ the original post into this. your opinions on this will be highly appreciated.

NOTE: Due to inexperience I chose to go with a free form here, but trying out more conventional poetic styles where possible.



We are drowning, down into the watery chasm,

Gasping, flailing, shouting, SCREAMING!

For help, never to come.

Hope fades, consciousness slipping.

Praying that someone,

Someone actually walks by, noticing

The choppy waters dragging us down.

We NEED to drown,

To feel the frailty of life,

Just to understand its value,

To know, who were, are,

And should be.

When you hit rock bottom,

And the life-giving air,

Held in so desperately,

Slowly poisons you

The light above, fades.

Then, only then,

Does life finally unravel its secrets

Its purpose.

So when the sea-floor,

You scrape, with grazed knees,


Re-think. Re-awaken

A phoenix, from the ashes.

A clarion call to all.

To be human again.




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