Controlled Chaos vs Chaotic Control


That sublime balance between chaos and control. That thin line between rational protest hormone-driven mayhem. It’s a slick boundary, a grey zone through which we very easily, yet unknowingly, can venture past. A zone that crowd-mentality can easily push us into, with no option of being towed back out.

So there you are, revelling in the new-found revolutionary voice, speaking out on the oppression that has for so long been boiling up a tempest of suppressed emotions inside you, with no outlet. Like a valveless pressure-cooker, explosion awaiting. And in all your youth, all you wish to do is scream and shout, release all the torment in you, be heard…until you get carried away on a wave of wanton violence and nonsensical destruction.

You see, youth is a dangerous thing; a lovely, beautiful, enjoyable yet severely dangerous thing. It blinds the eyes. I’m still young so, heck, I should know (I think). Or at least biology/psychology taught me so. Always thinking we are right, and that the choices we make are the most brilliant, thought-provoking one’s ever made since Adam met Eve. Well, thought-provoking indeed the may be, just not very positive thoughts sometimes.

All in all, it wouldn’t hurt to exercise some caution once in a while, would it? No need to take things too far.

Expression is your inherent right, don’t abuse it.


2 thoughts on “Controlled Chaos vs Chaotic Control

    • Really? Changing? In what aspect, the seriousness maybe? Well, I’ll see what can be done about that. These are dire times so my funny-bone seems to have receded into unknown areas.


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