A Tunnel-light End

I would like to thank KPLC’s ineptitude and the moon’s brilliance for this one time attempt. 🙂


Silence, darkness.

Not a light in the furthest

Reaches that my eyes can test,

And yet,

There’s a shimmer, a glimmer,

A hint, a rumour,

Of hope yet to come.

A tremble in the earth.

Trembling expectantly, eagerly.

And as that shimmer, ever brightly,

Increases, the tremor afoot, charging

Almost an earthquake,

I finally see IT!

That light

That ever-so-spoken of light.

A glimmer, a shimmer…no more

But now, a beacon

A herald as it beckons

Drawing my tired limbs

To the horizon

Hope, potential

Unstopped, raw, expectant.

Stuck to the shaking ground,

Ignorant of the sound,

A clank, a roar, a whistle.

A rush of air, oncoming,

Right for me; crushing me

Too enticed, engrossed, absorbed,

To get off the tracks,

Of the oncoming train.


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