Simplistic Magnificence

I’ll skip the hiatus excuses, save us all some precious life minutes. Because, this, this my friends, is a post. I bet you’re saying, “Well of course it is or else I wouldn’t be reading it”…well this is just A POST. A simple one. As simple as the events that inspired it, as the people behind it, the 20 minutes it took to type out, as the music I’m listening to as I do so(Asa’s debut album btw, magnifique!). As the laptop I borrowed to type it on; no offence to its owner though, I call it simplistic sophistication in this case, just as every person it talks about embodies.

I might have/not have spoken on simplicity before, but it’s something I’m infatuated with. Be it in nature, gait, language, music, personality, food (which is due to limited but sufficient culinary skills). And in people. Because no-one else embodies such simplistic magnificence as a person of whole mind, trudging through the mucky gloom and glimmering hopes of this life, seeking only one thing. Happiness.

Happy in love, happy in money, happy in education/books, happy in success, happy in salvation. Endlessly, it’s all simply summed up in one human emotion: happiness. And, justly so, chiefly signified by one basic gesture. A smile; simple, no? And magnificent too, toothed or otherwise.

Or why else would the most used emoji be this: 🙂 ? Appropriately classing all of them “smiley-faces” – even those not-so-smiley ones like 😥

And so today when I saw this simple manifestation of the most basic human emotion branded on the most innocent faces that I would never expect to see so gracious, it kinda hit me!

After a grueling week of shock treatment (something like a conscious defibrillation) meant to get my mind back into legal gear, ending it with a visit to a tiny, perseverant community of children unlucky enough not to have been granted full, unhindered use of their limbs, and still see them smiling, laughing, being happy; that is JUST what you need as a true shock treatment! To shock you back into that human gear that you/I keep ignoring, closeting up in our subconscious for the sake of human achievement. Success.

But what’s success without a semblance of humanity?

So, for now, I’m done with being a wee bit too serious on some things. I’ll just act as if Joytown Primary School in Thika was my personal, overqualified optician, who prescribed some change of eyewear, to see this world through a different lens, appreciating it (in HD of course!)

So for now, back to my studies. I can’t promise to be posting as faithfully as I used to, due to a certain long-term borrowing exercise that was carried out upon my beloved laptop, but trust me when I do, it’ll be just the same old me. But matured like a mature wine, still swirling in the glass, waiting for your first sip…

Ha, I kid myself though, why on earth would you be sipping on me anyway? That’s weird, no? Very weird! Well, but si I said it would just be the usual me, that ka-weirdo you all know? Hehe!

On a serious note, this is a call to all who are able/willing:

If you can, visit Joytown Primary School in Thika town, and remind yourself of your privileged life, quit stressing yourself with stories of MPigs and sijui elections nini nini, I know too many electively-impotent middle class urbanites who should gain more satisfaction out of donating that Blankets &Wine™/ Bed-sheets and Kibao ticket-money to a worthy cause. And this is one of those truly deserving of such donations. Think on it.

PS: Out of strict privacy/confidentiality rules, the photo used is one sourced off the internet, and not of one of the students.

Thanks for reading.



6 thoughts on “Simplistic Magnificence

  1. I like!!!! I’m still kicking myself for missing out on that eye-opening visit; we should go there with you some time huh. I think I need some eye-opening. You’re back buddy! As always, I’m a huge fan of your work- the wit, the humour and the depth never disappoints.


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