The Sojourner

I am alive. I am breathing. I am awake, not sleeping. Nevertheless, everything seems a bit hazy, wrapped in a grey shroud, defiant to any revelation. Work is hard, play is harder, and yet with all that is going on, I seem to be able to balance it all.

With all this wind in my sails, and my unsure hand at the rudder, my ship rides not so steadily in these choppy waters. However, with a few hands on deck, and the well-grounded advice of many a counsel in my ear, those choppy waters seem as blissful as the blue watery expanse of the beaches of Diani.

It is a long journey, toiling against the status quo, averse to conformation, seeking to build a distinct unique legacy, living your own story. A few punctures along the way, which will be expected. Bailing that excess baggage over the deck: to be done without a second thought or risk capsizing. Heartbreaks and heart-mends, welcome in unequal proportions. As for those stubborn icy waters that seem to slow you down in the waters, clawing out with their frosty cold limbs to drag you down into their frozen abyss of stagnant life, BRING OUT THE ICE BREAKER, fit it on the prow of your radiant ship, seek forth a path yet to be plotted. May they never slow you down. If necessary, bring out the flamethrower, and beat their chills at their own game of physical temperatures.

It is my journey, your journey, our journey. Whether you travel alone, or with significant colleagues, strive. It is yours for the taking.

Carpe diem.Image


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