Grace carries me forth, subdued under the voracity that the cut-throat world demands of me.

Palms grazed, fingers gnarled, skin scorched, bones fractured; my will remains unbroken. Faltering in the tempest, I hold strong, screaming, shouting. Not in fear; in defiance.

In defiance of being swayed against a course not even yet determined. Against the nay-sayers, the doubters, the non-believers. The outright haters. I exist to prove them wrong…. No, correction: I exist to prove myself right.

To stand at the mountain peak, gazing down at the crevasses traversed, the glaciers concurred.  Even the snowy slopes portentous of fatal avalanches, those synonymous with the sudden, unexpected cavalcade of events, that so many times bog me down in the frozen coffin of life stagnation.

Standing upon that weather-beaten crag of rock, marvelling at those accomplishments, realizing just what it took to get there: the mental and physical strength, the focus, the occasional doubts and ‘near-quits’. It is all below you, by way of time and altitude per se. A foundation of sorts, holding up the very mountain you have scaled, because, in the end, it is all one large cycle.

This is my brief call to arms. Bear them high, and bear them proud; fashioned in fine steel or crude wood, gilded or rudimentary in form. Raise your weapon! It is all ours for the taking. The untapped virgin lands of triumph. NOTHING, NO-ONE CAN STOP US!

In other unrelated news, I just induced a severe thirst for rock-climbing in me. *fetches bucket list* Now I need to edit this thing.


2 thoughts on “UNSTOPPABLE!

  1. I like how your posts make life sound like a mystical quest. Honestly, sometimes it feels like a rat race, that when we need to see it as something ‘bigger’.
    Great work.


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