Club 100…because #Team100 would have been too mainstream.

Right now, I’m that guy humping my seat all in the name of dancing to this Kukere tune.

I’m in a generally good mood; tired but jolly. There’s something about songs whose lyrics we don’t have a single clue about. Almost all of Zahara’s heavenly songs, all Kwaito tracks (I urge you all to give this one a listen, keeps me lively every morning. And who can forget Daddy Yankee? Something like “A lay hunta la gasolina!”

Or the late confused MJ with his “Mama Say Mama Sah Mama Pusah!” I have so many variants of what I hear in that song but I’m afraid of the judgement that will be passed if I write it here. My sanity has already been questioned often enough.

Ummmh, now what was I supposed to write about?

Oh, I remember now.

This blog is a wee bit old now. Just about to hit its 2nd anniversary…kutakuwa na bash pale pale mahali tulianzia, BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) and BYOC (Bring Your Own Cake). The start was rather bland, spurred on by people who thought my Facebook notes were too lengthy. I went through them recently and couldn’t help laughing. Grammar was dead then, people; dodo dead! I don’t know what divine power was behind its resurrection but I’m highly grateful for it.Image

Those first days were frustrating I tell you. Utterly boring. Trying to make my way through the now simple interface that is WordPress…wondering why none of my widgets is working, getting almost negligible audience. And when such audience came it was from countries like Iceland and what not. As in really? What even is the native tongue in Iceland? And what would they want with a novice blog written in an incorrigible mix of Sheng, Kiswahili and a teenager’s hormone-induced version of English? Well along the way, I think sanity (and the angels of English grammar) caught up with me. Posts such as this are evidence of that turning point.

Bookworms are good sources for intelligent conversations.

The only way we can kill the xaxa, mixxments, xwity, and whatnot disease. But one thing has always puzzled me…how exactly would those who subscribe to this toxic dialect write the word “six”? Better yet, how would it be pronounced? That isn’t even a tongue-twister! I know your nerves would shrivel up in agony trying to wrap themselves around that.

But, anyway, my digressions occur often so you will have to excuse my ramblings. The blog IS titled CLUELESS thoughts after all.

This is/was meant to be a thank you post. For the one hundred plus people who now ‘like’ this page on Facebook. I unashamedly say that more than 70 percent of these are people on my friends list, who I spammed with invites…unapologetically I might add. Hehe, because you see, once you start a blog, it becomes almost narcotic in nature. That craving for more and more hits per day, seeing that graph rise; the satisfaction from seeing a vote, a new comment or new subscription after toiling and scraping one’s cranial matter to churn out what you initially thought to be a master piece…only for it to hit a meagre ten/twenty hits. I remember how grateful I was in those first days for a mere 5 hits. Weirdly enough, that first post has the most views on this blog…but not because of what I wrote unfortunately.

And that urge is why I set up the fb page, maybe to reach a larger audience, but also relive that ‘rush’ that comes with seeing the likes counter rising. It’s juvenile in nature, I know…but I love it all the more.

So any time my schedule frees up enough, or even when I find myself talking too much cause my fingers are itching to type/write…this is my Masinga dam, to save those downstream, the Tana River residents , from the oral deluge I’m capable of spilling.

So thank you one and all. There’s something cooking in the kitchen…so don’t worry, my clueless thoughts never stagnate.

And after all, there’s that irritating middle finger that the stats graph on WordPress seems to give you every time you make a sudden post then leave unceremoniously. Sudden highs, sudden lows.

But anything’s better than unceremoniously letting one’s blog sink into oblivion…like this one: The Human Coloseum

I know the owner’s going to slaughter me on Twitter so BYE! *runs away*

*dashes back* By ze way, I wouldn’t mind a few more likes on zat page…it may be narcotic-like, but heck, it’s not like I can overdose on it. Bonne chance!

*runs away for real now*


4 thoughts on “Club 100…because #Team100 would have been too mainstream.

  1. anything for you my dear, the world is meant to follow no particular path, it should be random, more of clueless too :):):)


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