Mental Interrogation Week

I wanted to write something funny today, quirky almost. But here I am thinking of legal notices, gazette notices and teachers’ strikes. Akh, this world is a tad bit serious sometimes, which is why I put on some mood music and sit at this keyboard, thinking over all that has happened this week and months…and what may come my way over the next few ones.

The future isn’t as bleak as some would want to paint it. I’ve met some pretty inspiring individuals this week, and some mind-draining ones too. There were also those who simply made life fell so much more burdensome. I find it rather weird that the world has space for such a wide array of organisms.

But I got most comfort in trying to explain the concept of world religions to a ten-year old who previously thought Hinduism to be evil (because they worship cows).

Now, we all know just how complicated such issues tend to be. I blame it on lack of exposure, social interaction, and failure to break these conservative shackles that hold us prisoned to the cold floor of intellectual stagnation. There’s no way I can express the stresses I put myself through to explain religious concepts that I also tend to sit back and be amazed at. Of reincarnation, deities, Sunni and Shiite misunderstanding, religious extremism, the Papacy, the Crusades, capital and small G’s and their seemingly obvious and innocent yet pervasive use.

Well, take comfort in the fact that I didn’t unload this burden on the young lad’s uninitiated mental capacity…but it amazed me that till now he has never questioned why his religion of choice is ‘the best’.

It strikes me just how little difference there is between this young man and the average able-minded adult roaming this beautiful God-given Earth; how we fail to think on some touchy issues, not necessarily questioning them but seeking to understand them partly if not wholly. I’ve written regarding something similar on this before, I think.

I could stretch this, to an interesting discourse I had with a Trinidad-based tweep regarding the universality of the concept of morality; whether morality is subjective or a ‘blanket’ concept.

Or to a particularly quizzical exchange with a student colleague of mine regarding the Catholic Church and its historical and present ‘transgressions’. Charlemagne, The Emperor, Opus Dei, the Crusades, and Kenyan land came up somewhere in there.

I wonder what people think of this…on a simplistic view, not marred by emotions, allegiances or stereotypes.

Ah well, all this tends to bring me across as a rather too serious-minded fellow. Don’t worry though. I’m still as clueless as before. Just needed to get these thoughts out there…my brain was simmering. No-one likes a fired-up mind on a Friday evening. Hail to the weekend!

Maybe I should do a write-up on some of the above soon. Just thinking.


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