I need more time…or not.

I’m sleepy. Actually I’m tucked away in bed.
I have a lot on my mind. Maybe it’s because I’ve reached a point in life where I’m unwilling to let go of the fleeting joys of adolescence and intimidated by the glaring responsibilities of adulthood.
I think I would rather have an ageless society. But there’s a lot I would rather have too.
Like a limitless bank account. An endless supply of pineapples. A free guitar tutor…but a training partner would do just great. A boatload of time, to get some studying done, write a little bit more and finish these books I’ve been meaning to read. I mean, I’ve been stuck on William Golding’s Lord of the Flies for 2 months. I’m profusely ashamed of myself right now.

But since I can’t have all that, I’ll make do with what I have; squeezing the juice out of me to meet expectations and targets I’ve set for myself.
One of those targets begins today. I’ve been procrastinating on it for ages…but I think its about time I get it done already. So 31 posts in 31 days…published each day, starting today.
Let me see how far I can push my dedication.

Cluelessly yours.


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