We Live In The Dark.

A light goes out. Darkness engulfs the room.
Outside, a cricket chirps irritatingly almost as if keeping time to some imaginary beat; complete with crescendos, pauses and incessant vibrato.
The neighbourhood’s stray cat also chooses to lend voice to this inauspicious day. Shrill and almost guttural yowls, sending little chills down the backs of the less steely of character.
It’s night, yet somewhere in the dark, beings shunned under the light of day come to life. Reigning supreme,mysterious and sometimes fierce, they lend terrible terrors to tales of the night: the stuff fables are made off.

They are underdogs of sorts. Evolution/creation (whichever theory you subscribe to) chose to excommunicate them from the brilliant beauty of a sun risen. Committed to the chilly confines of a veiled world, peeking through to see with the aid of faint moon and starlight.

But it’s an enviable life/world.
Endless mystery: hidden corners, lurking prey, sunken stumbling blocks and cliffs, silhouetted obstacles.

An endless mystery, not so different from that which we live. A dark living world.


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