A day at @StrathCIPIT and almost unrelated lessons.

I should have written this earlier…before the hammer in my head decide to start pounding away.
So this will be short. To the point.

I’ve just had a pretty nice day. Wait, not nice. Amazing is more like it. You know those days you spend absorbing info like a sponge,feel it all soaking up, smiling and nodding at what you can identify with, scratching and cocking your head at what you’re clueless at. I tend to do that a lot…the title of the blog speaks for itself, you know.

It’s pretty weird when you find out, quite early, a path that you’re willing or even intent on following. So today I skived from work (shhh, don’t tell my supervisor) to attend a conference with like-minded individuals: intellectuals, creatives, ordinary Kenyans. Shock on me when I find a supervisor from another station is also making a presentation at the same venue…ah well, I love risks.

To cut this short, I had a brutally informative day. My brain feels pummeled in fact. That might explain the headache.

So in essence what I’m incorrigibly trying to say is this: surround yourself with people who improve you, who resonate with you, who make you grow. Cut away the creepers that cling on to you, dragging you down. Prune away the branches that are deadwood now. Weed out those seemingly small weeds that grow about your feet, you would be shocked how far-reaching their roots are.

But lastly, HAVE FUN! Eat, drink, laugh and love to your fill.

This might be cliché now but: CARPE DIEM!

And lastly a quote from today, that’s really had my mind thinking:

"What is not expressly prohibited is technically permissible through argument" – Prof. Ben Sihanya, JSD (Stanford)
Think on it.


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