Family First

I’ve had a unique upbringing, riddled with trying moments and an equal measure of personal and collective triumphs.

And it never gets old how my fam always sticks together. I’ve seen many others crumble. Friends have told me of some of the tribulations that have pushed some of them to the wall. It’s a dire world.

Yet in all this, most still admit that they love their family to bits.

I won’t even try using beautiful language and what-not here because this is as straightforward as it will ever get.

Nothing comes between bloodlines. Not money, not power. And so help me God, may I be able to forever access this blogpost as a reminder of my own words should I ever seem to lead astray.

Disclaimer: This post does not, unfortunately fall under the class of clueless thoughts.

"When you look at your life the greatest
happiness are family happinesses." – Dr. Joyce


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