In Memoriam

Today I won’t write. Not because I don’t feel like, but because I don’t think I’ll do justice to the subject of today’s post. Dr. Geoffrey William Griffin. Boss.
I never met him personally, but I know many who did…and in a quite personal way too.
So I got to know quite a lot about him…more than the average colleague in my year of study behind those black, wrought-iron gates with flagged castle parapets at the side.

The closest I ever got to him was the photo shown on this post. I polished that grave faithfully and regularly over my first year of high school life. All his life honours and medals affixed. The words that greeted you at his office also emblazoned on this ornate metalwork to signify the great father to many great men.

Again I wasn’t supposed to write…but I got carried away. But this is for a man’s legacy that changed many. It’s been said before but those in red and blue should never tire of singing his praises.

I don’t bring it out as well as I should, but I hope this does:


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