De-friendzone yourself!

I like you. You know it. I just haven’t told you yet. I don’t think I will. In fact, I don’t think I ever should. Why? Because I don’t want to destroy this friendship that we have.

Aaaand that my friends, is a conversation too many men are familiar with.

I call it the friend-zoning speech. Inauspicious, deflating and almost belittling. You know, it comes along with that feeling of a balloon slowly releasing all the air enclosed in it accompanied by a fading high-pitched sound. Almost like the sound of something dying. Romantics call it love.

I call it affection. I prefer calling it like it is. Maybe because I’m waaaay too young to know anything called love. Maybe it’s just another myth that adults make up when you’re a kid to make you anticipate growing up. Then when you get there you realize, ummmh, I’ve been duped.

But I digress. Let’s leave this bs alone man. Break some hearts. No-one dies of a broken heart. Well, maybe of a broken neck as a result of a broken heart..but there’s no direct caustive link there. Just being honest.

Such stuff shapes you up. Friendzones, rejections, cheats, the one that got away, the one that almost got away but got caught by the tail-end, the one who bagged from the get-go: that whole mix. That’s what makes a real man.

So stop crying over what friendzone you are in and dig yourself out for crying out loud. Mwanamume ni effort.

With all that said, SAY NO TO THE FRIENDZONE!


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