Live For These Things

Nod your head, twirl your feet. Shake that, move that. Jump, scream, shout! Yell for goodness’ sake!

Let it escape you, drip out of your very being and cascade over this living world. Washing over everyone and immersing them in the rhythm and flow that which energizes you.

Share it. Some will like it, some won’t. It’s all relative, our taste that is. Some like it slow, punctuated with subtle changes in tone. Others like it heavy, hard-hitting and fiery with the bass. Some like it in between, a mix of everything.

Understand it. Comprehend the artiste’s mentality, frame of mind. Don’t be deluded; have, at least, your own understanding of the same.

Value it. Buy a song/album once in a while; support the source of your entertainment. God know the amount of blood sweat and tears that goes into that masterpiece. The rough drafts that get trashed and the rejected pieces.

Treasure it. Let no-one insult what you love. Never allow an insult towards respected thespians and artistes, especially if their works are what caress your senses senseless.

MUSIC. ART. DANCE. CULTURE. Live for these things.


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