One Good Deed

Have you ever seen the look of delight on an elderly person’s face when you stand to give them your seat? And when you stand aside on the hallway to give way or help them reach that highly-placed thing on the supermarket shelf?

It’s always more than a smile. Always.

It’s almost an affirmation that there still remains a shred of sanity worth relying on in this world. That good manners, decorum and chivalry (and all matters related) are not caged entities, trapped and screaming for their rights from their fairy-tale book cages.

And almost always, such acts are usually greeted with a fleeting passage of blessings, rarely understood or mentioned under breath. But these whispers are not lost. They slink away into the world, partly unheard, fully misunderstood. Carried away by the winds, they bring what small peace, joy and solace can be gathered in times of pain and trial. It’s a full cycle, for those words and deeds never leave you. They ‘haunt’ and stalk you all your life. One good deed paid for by another.

Forgive me Rafiki (remember Lion King), but I call it the Circle of Life


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