Let’s Get Monied – Crowdfunding in Kenya

So today we get a tad bit serious.

I came across this story on the Capital FM website. Read it first.

Impressive, no? I consider it simply amazing. I wish I had that kind of zeal and passion, or at least tap it out of this young lady who seems to be overflowing with it.

I don’t think she is alone. I believe she is unique, but only one of the intellectual gems that this country holds and is yet to be unearthed, or is in the process of doing so. Most who stay hidden under the stereotypical blanket of gloom and naysaying are only stuck there because of one thing: lack of funds.

Be it mere insufficiency of it or abject poverty, it all leads to one general position. Stagnation.

Recent times, however, have brought along concepts that are keen on breaking these previously unbreachable walls. In relation with the above post, I’m going to briefly highlight one, then leave the rest to you to ponder and research and engage.

Crowdfunding: a novel concept which, simply put, is “internet Harambee”. It’s been there for a while…but surprisingly the whole thing is yet to fully catch on in Kenya.  I must note that we have had our own platform, M-Changa, functional since January 2012. I wonder just how successful it’s been.

Kickstarter (very appropriate name) is the largest crowdfunding website on the interwebs…and so so many people have benefitted from it, down from those in need of a couple of dollars to those seeking thousands and millions.

It’s out of good heart, dishing out those few idle coins we have lying around. On your own it’s an insignificant effort, but pooled together; well, just take a look at #KenyansForKenya and what it did/is doing.

But now on a more personal scale, I wonder how many entrepreneurs, social campaigners, start-ups, innovators would be daring enough and brave enough to put it all out there and say “Please, Help Me. I can’t do this without you.” (Mushy, I know, but heck, you know it’s true). This TEDtalk by Amanda Palmer on the ‘art of asking‘ should give you some perspective as to just how magnificent this concept can work out.

I leave it to you then. Are you shackled down and want some financial boost up the rear to get you going? Ask for some help…hopefully someone out there is willing to help.


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