My Nursery Poem

I finished writing this and thought to myself, “uuummmh, young man, what cheap drugs are you on?” Well, poetry isn’t my forte, so excuse me for this one coming out as amateurish…though my high-school teacher would be proud. I could barely rhyme stool with cool…oh wait..ummh, okay bye! Just read and critique. *walks away*

She walks outside my kitchen window,

Gorgeous in dress, resplendent yellow.

Sweeping in seamless flow

Screaming “BEAUTY” wherever she may go.

I want to know, desperately so,

What makes her shine, what makes her glow?

Even in the face of her foes

But it’s a secret she keeps hidden beneath her bows.

Her bows, delightful and shiny

Keeping her locks held up tiny

Yet neatly and rustic.

Just enough to hold me

Gazing, wondering, how fantastic.

She’s the girl next door,

One whose mum is such a bore

My heart out to gore

Just to get me off her floor

Her glow, I will follow.

Her scent I will spoor

Her laugh I will record

Till a story will be told

Of an ensnared man, now old,

Still after his gold.


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