We Need A Hero

Have you ever watched Hancock, the movie? Yeah, the one where Will Smith is all alcoholic and anti-social?
Honestly, I think that’s the only movie that stars a superhero who is not white. Okay, wait, it’s the only movie I’ve watched yet with a black superhero. Because we all know The Hulk falls in that ‘non-white’ classification. And the Green Lantern (from the Justice League) with all his weird machoness hasn’t yet really become mainstream. I mean, c’mon, even X-Men didn’t have any mainstream black character! Oh wait, there was, Storm…and she was stolen from some African tribe…I call that brain drain.

Really though, we could really use our own superhero. Makmende-type, swooshing all over the place, bashing in some baddies, saving the day and what not. On that note, where on Earth did Makmende go to? Boss was the ish!

There’s too much going on; almost too much to handle. I wonder how we got into this mess. I wonder how/who can get us out…or at least easen all the rubbish plaguing us.

About time we had our own superheroes. Authentic, relateable, current and yet swagged out enough for the kids of our generation to yearn for. No more Superman, Megamind and Batman whatnot, I’m up for more culturally-relevant names…aaaaand I’m stuck here tryna come up with a superhero name containing ‘Murume’ somewhere in there. Aki Wameru tuko na sida.

But issorait. I heard of a story of a comic series made in Nigeria using African superheroes…will add a link here later. Disadvantages of blogging via phone. Hehe.


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