That Fine Wine

I used to be a quiet guy, still am, but I speak out much more than I used to. I credit that to a period of oppression and belittling that I went through that seemed to trigger an innate sense to seek what’s right.

It wasn’t as bad as I make it sound, but it made me realize how man can be his own worst enemy. It became apparent just how easily power corrupts. I had known it earlier when I was a kid, with much more disastrous results (some of which are still the subject of jokes from childhood friends) but it is not until the semi-sober state of puberty put things in perspective.

Now, I strongly hold an averse position towards leadership. I sometimes have an inner urge within myself to try things above my level, to seek to control or manage situations that seem amiss. Other times, I prefer laying back and shaking my head, or brainstorming of other contigencies.

Some think of this (or people who hold this frame of mind) as the cause of stagnation. I agree.

In the same breath, however, I say everything has its own time. Like a fine wine or beer (whatever your taste) some things ought not to be rushed.

Such delays are necessary. To mature, to mellow out and secure ones inner being. One has to learn to listen.

It’s not always about talking. It’s not about pleasing people such that you tiptoe across the ice scared of falling into those icy waters.

It’s about service. And that’s where we all lost it, thinking we’re all demigods of sorts. It’s about accessibilty: they got to get to know you. It’s about dedication and focus: virtues that are cultivated rather than innately acquired.

So when the time is right, join the fray. Learn: from their mistakes and and your own; from their successes and the benefits you gain from the same; and the untapped potential you see lying around (such as yourself).

You’re the wine. Loftily held, gingerly between the society’s fingers in that wineglass of leadership. Swirl around, trap all the flavour within. Let the hot air within escape, no-one likes that. Let the colour and essence within spread through.

So that in the end, when that first sip is taken, that will be the best-aged wine ever tasted. Take your time, don’t rush it.


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