My Me Time

Such are the times when my mind has no restrictions. This is when I have almost zero time constraints, moving at my own whim. I have time to think on things, somtimes deeply and fleetfully too.

Such moments have been rare, will be rare. I treasure them. I use them to get baggage out of the way, to set my house in order. Truth be told, I rarely succeed, hehe.

But most of all, I like to have a good laugh, and to set myself loose for a while. To break out into random air guitar and imaginary drumming moments, or call up far-flung friends, or write awkward blogposts like this. (Almost all my blogposts are awkward, so that should mean something).

So while I have this time, I will relish it. To some it will look as if I’ve put the brakes on my life. Funnily enough, this is when my brain goes into hyperdrive. The time when I tend to offload much more than most can bear; hence I tend to shut up and keep to myself.

Relax, and let things be…at least for a while.


2 thoughts on “My Me Time

  1. Don’t you just wonder at those people who don’t feel the occasional need to be alone… Are they afraid of their consciences?

    I love me-time too, that’s when I feel most alive.


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