20th Anniversary

If anybody could guess the number of times I have started off on this post then deleted it all to start over again, one would think I’m slowly losing my mind at this blogging business. But everything I started off with ended up sounding a tad bit too sad, or a tad bit bitter, or a little too out of the picture.

Because today, the picture I have in my head is not of sadness. That passed ages ago. Today, the picture isn’t of bitterness, because I see nothing to be bitter about anymore. And as this knife-sharpening addict says “Bitterness wachia Krest!

Today is one of those days where I openly allow myself to be sentimental…because it’s one of those days when my life truly unravels itself before my eyes. How far I have come, how far I seek to go and exactly where I am. A twenty-year journey that continues, one that keeps throwing surprises at me; I, in equal measure throw some weighty curve-balls at it too coz this isn’t a one-way game.

I have lived twenty years of being indebted to an enigma of a man whom I barely knew.  Twenty years is a darn long time, and it only gets longer. Yet all I got is stories; cool stories, funny stories, intelligent stories, what-if stories and one continuing story.

People ask me how come I’m so close with my family. And sometimes I almost answer “What else have I got?” I hear some people curse their parent(s) under their breath or out loud sometimes. I ask them “Have you ever pictured life without them?” I am close to my family because I got nothing else, and because through the struggle that has been and continues to be, we’ve always been there for each other. It never ends.

They are the continuing story. It never ends. And in this enthusing tale of lives, there rose a phoenix out of the ashes, carrying on her wing a family name as precious as her own her life. The protagonist, the hero, the matriarch: my mother. Forever indebted. #EnoughSaid.

And so on this 20th Anniversary, I stand happy. Tired but happy that as far as I have come in these 20 and more years, one thing hasn’t changed and won’t change: the Mutegi name that I carry proudly. As a show of respect and admiration to a man whose memories teach me ambition, intellect, trendsetting, perseverance, diligence, dedication, love, balance and most of all JUST HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO MARRY YOUR EQUAL.

Thank you Dad.

In memory of Mutegi Kiriga Kabugu.


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