When it Rains

It pours. You get drenched. You revel in the peace. In the constant pitter-patter of sound around you. In the petrichor. In the flavor yet undiscovered that the world kept hidden from you for so long. In the events so unexpected yet amazing that you can’t help but spend a few minutes each day and wonder as to just how lucky you are. To achieve certain feats, to meet so many amazing people, prune unwanted elements, gaze into the future and see nothing but greatness.

That’s what 2013 has been, nothing but a flood; pleasurable at that. It reached a point that I almost thought that whoever has the controls to all this was compensating for the morass that was 2012. I remember that as the year began, I raised a glass to the air, saying: “Begone with you 2012, here goes nothing 2013!” But I’ll be damned, that nothing was quite something. I’m still on a thrill man; uncharted territories, new friends, near-misses that still generated amazing friendships I would have never fathomed, new music that made every day tolerable.

Which makes me think: a lot of my life revolves around music. My moods, especially in the morning, go with what I listened to. As I trudged to the bus-park each morning to get to school. As I chilled at RoySambu with the intelligent @lindahruttoh (Chelsea is trash though) on most dreary mornings. As I trudged to court each morning, in the sleet and fog. Getting to pick life lessons from JJA Visram and Koome, refreshing and inspiring intelligence. And the moments spent in chambers with J. Abuodha and Ombwayo; discussing abstract and concrete legal matters with fellow learning friends who made the experience severely invigorating. Winning challenges on the first attempt and sharing the stage with the big-shots of the markets that I study each day. To those I met in randomly interesting forums who ended up being so instrumental so far, and having faith in me so far. Ultimately realizing the underlying humanity in war, and all that goes with similar events, with the incredible assistance of the most amazing seniors I’ve experienced so far. #ICRCMoot #Pictet. Hanging out with the crew, who’ve been there since childhood, y’all know we’re just too epic! To @rwarah for the endless intelligence and madness in equal measure, and keeping me in check, ha! (Please don’t gloat). To another regular commenter on this blog who signifies most of what I stand for in academic life…and some-what socially too…hehe. And to those who wouldn’t want to be mentioned (explicitly 😉 ) but know just how instrumental they’ve been to a stable and productive year. Arsenal buying Ozil (whaaaaaaaaat, hahahaha!) Hanging out with my bros (@petermutegi and @inde_fatigable) and sisters and nephews. And MY MUM (greatest inspiration ever).

! I swear, this has been one of the most exhilarating and inspiring years EVER!

So little can happen I 2014. So little with so much effect; and I’m so damn ready for it. As @ifehenia says, things can only get better. 2013 was a year of definition. 2014 is when the whole dictionary starts getting published. I am highly grateful for all who stood by me in this 365 days.

But I will leave this year with what have been the soundtracks of the latter part of my year, when I thought I’d bit off too much than I can eat. Andrew Rayel’s epic single Dark Warrior and Until the End (with Jwaydan) and the amazing Under Control by Alesso, Calvin Harris and Hurts.

That’s what 2013 was for me, energetic, fast-paced, pushed-to-the-limit- exciting, stressful, enjoyable, and accomplished. But most of all, it ended on the 31st of December 2013. And the tale continues on 1st January 2014. More mature, more focused, more relevant and ambitious, and with a little less hair than most would expect hehe, Thanks Dad.



Let’s take this one by storm. I’m out.


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