The Beginning.

There are times in a man’s life when decisions have to be made. Choices of wrong and right, what’s best and what’s not, and the occasional no-win situation have to be grappled with. As ever, these test the mettle of any living soul. These are the moments upon which destiny is shaped.

Yet at this time does the world and all its intricacies open up and reveal itself to the searching soul. Only then do the true possibilities of life and the fathomless opportunity seem to become apparent. That, in itself, becomes the greatest danger behind these moments.

In all this mish-mash, comes that information overload and a thirst for more. As innocent as it may seem, so too have the greatest of men fallen from their pedestals. It takes a certain type of panache to ride through such storms; a sturdy boat to withstand the battering waves and steady masts and sails to gather the otherwise punishing winds to propel you forward. Forward.

Desperation shall show, frustration will boil but always shall hope beckon. Thus it begins.

Stories shall be told of this day.


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