Simple Success

Last week was quite a revelatory week when out of the usual unexpected escapades, tidbits to guide you on the path of this unpredictable life are thrust at you. Such revelations can be strong enough to thrust me back to my seemingly ignored reservoir of thoughts.

So howdidoo, I missed you; I’m back. I am currently engaged with one of those opportunities thrust at you from unexpected angles, which have got me daily poring over tasks that aren’t ordinarily a law student’s cup of tea. In my case however, I prefer coffee, and this is just that: sufficient to give that buzz to life that legal study (and all that appertains to it) lacks. The beauty of it however is rather than having the legal principles set out plainly before me, as ordinarily would be the case; I am faced with digging for the applicable norms myself. It’s an extra burden, but nothing this cup of coffee can’t handle. And as always, the information flow is always welcome. I am always in the need for more info, whether for personal decisions, study, or just for kicks. The risk stands, however, of an overload, where processing it all is just too much to ask. It happens to all, some more regularly than others. So that gray line must not be crossed in my case.

The chance also stands that you will meet some people who will astound you, scare you, confuse you, or just simply leave you more thoughtful than before, by no words of their own. In my case, such people taught me one thing this previous week. The true essence of success.

Before I get into the gist of things, let me be clear that I’m relying on the more rudimentary/superficial definition of success. Achievement, family and a degree of financial comfort surpassing the ordinary. So I know I’ve said it before but, again, there’s a certain beauty in simplicity. Opulence and extravagance need not be thrust at our eyeballs, because it’s the simplest nuances of the same that always leave the deepest mark. I’ve been lucky to meet to just a few successful people in my life (to be honest, very few). That number can be slightly marked up by the members of successful families I’ve met (at least those with their wits about them). Always, there’s a golden thread intertwining their entire persona. The ordinary take to life that almost all adopt can be confusing given the endless lies pop culture has fed us. Ultimately it is these traits that bemuse me; it is that which I wish to acquire, while keeping my wits with me along the way.

Here lies a great man

Here lies a great man, Dr. Geoffrey W. Griffin

The true successful men and women of these vain and materialistic world work behind plain doors, with no need of declaring their presence. No gold plates emblazoned with titles or doormen to announce their arrival. Their ability speaks for itself, and presents itself where necessary, reaching out from the prima facie bland back-streets of the cities, pulling strings to do their bidding. In ordinary cars plying the traffic-laden city streets, predictably occupying that back-left seat, they blend in all too well. Daily lunch at five-star hotels, big-money deals to keep the hounds at bay because the competition never sleeps. It’s a veil, thin as it is, but a beautifully crafted one. In the end, simplicity is delightfully intoxicating.


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