Money never sleeps. One day, if you don’t pay attention to her, you’ll wake up and find that she left you for another man.

Courtesy: Geek is the New Black

Courtesy: Geek is the New Black

I’m paraphrasing Gordon Gekko, from Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. One of my best movies ever, because it’s quirky, fast, and brutal. More or less, it’s a replica of adult life, depending on how you take it. Most may miss out on the quirkiness, but I’m all in for it. It’s the unusual things that make this life interesting. No-one likes a boring fella.

It’s the untold oddities, and undeclared preferences that set one apart from the crowd; that shows one’s true mettle. Seeming flaws mutate into marks of class, appreciated only by the few who have an eye for the less acclaimed of qualities.

It’s worthless being part of the crowd. And it’s even vainer wasting one’s energies trying to set apart from it. Crowds move on their own volition, bodies of common thought, direction, purpose, mannerisms; idiotic or otherwise. But all the more, stay out, recognize the crowd’s presence, be cognizant of it, respectful too, but ever keep your distance.

You’re young, you’re wild, and you can do whatever you wish (within the often twisted bounds of the law). Your life.

Live it, love it.

Spin it, chance it.


PS: I’m tired of these pseudo-motivational posts that I have been dropping in the not so recent past. I do solemnly pledge that this is the last in this chain of forlorn seriousness. A little more cluelessness please?


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