This is for those who think aloud. For those who unconciously, and eloquently so, dictate the thoughts trapped in their minds.

For those who mumble out these fiendish little monsters who refuse to be constrained in their crania. The constant "What did you say"s that receive the reflexive "Nothing" reply to excuse one from such unnecessary explanations.

And this for the even more populous who, by some stroke of nature’s twisted mechanisms, or some master-stroke of their own effort, have learned restraint. These who let only a semblance of the revealings of their inner santca be visible by the seeming trembling lips. A slight movement here or there, like a baby mouthing those yet-to-be formed words.

To all of you who have dispell quizzical looks from nearby people (like the lady next to me in this matatu right now), fret not. WE ARE ONE.


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