A man shall always like to operate in controlled environments. Scenarios where a man can rely on existing certainties and an assurance of the environment as he knows it not being in an unrestrained state of flux. A man will always rein in what he can, never letting it all run riot.

A man finds comfort in the known, and fear in the unknown. He, and the universe as a whole, are averse to change. There is a consistent and futile search for equilibrium; its immediate attainment negated by the revival of the initial cycle. And so down, down the rabbit hole we go.

So, a man tries and tries to assure themselves of a few constants in his life. Looking for anchor-points, he sets goals, milestones and standards. Certainties that must be attained and maintained to ameliorate the vagaries of a world in flux. In vain maybe? A waste of time, resources, mental energy, one may say.

What then can a man do? To what God (Higher Being if a man chooses so) must a man pray to buffer against the buffeting waves? The seas of life are a torment in the storm, and a wondrous paradise in the calm. Even yet, the waters below are always changing. The vessel may remain unserviced and devoid of improvement. Woe unto the sailors aboard for the treacherous journey that lies yonder.

Yet the vessel may choose strategy; another certainty and control. Varying quality, severity and scope, they carry hope to the horizon. That though the seas may toss a man around, and plans and strategy cast overboard lest the vessel capsizes, crew and captain shall call safe into port.

A time comes when a man must stand tall and plan. Make choices. Improve. MOVE.

When uncertainties face him, he shall not cannot stand down, roll over and watch the ever-changing skies. He shall plant his feet into the ground, tuck in his coat-tails, and push. Push into the wind and sleet. A man shall carry the clarion call and lead into the dark, carrying his own true light and discovering his own true, yet changing, path as he goes.

                                          TROD THE UNBEATEN PATH


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