I just spent one of the most happy days with my mum, and I’m about to spend one of my most fulfilling ones with her yet. I have worked years to get here, and she’s strived ages longer. Yet here we stand. History written, legacies built, stories to be told.

Sat at her feet and learnt, I did. Scolded and praised in equal measure. Pain and joys shared, knowingly or otherwise. Faced doubts, reassured where necessary.

And yet a few hours ago, she shared one of those random gems that strike you and lodge themselves in yet unknown nooks of your psyche. Simple as is: You don’t want your child to grow up without any knowledge of what failure is. They may be exemplary in all forms, but it isn’t till they stare into the adversary of failure that they learn their true capability to get back up, dust themselves off and get going again.

I’ve stumbled once in a while. She’s stood by me. I’ve risen equally as often, and darn sure she cheered loudest.
So this one is yours, Mum. And for the chief himself, Kiriga Mutegi Kabugu.

We ain’t done yet. #LLMKwisha


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