Call me M. A young man with a slightly above normal interest for the written word. I read, an amount which people call a lot and hence I tend to talk a lot. You know, what goes in comes out.

My Clueless Thoughts was started on 15th July 2011, when I had too much time on my hands (how I miss those days) and has sustained my passion for writing out of those hindering confines of education and school-life.

I write about myself, the people I interact with, the people I see and what they do. And of general matters of interest, current affairs, minimal politics. I also occasionally dabble in matters legal, though hesitantly…since the law isn’t that clueless, you know.

Don’t expect too much. This blog (and its owner) may shock you with a profound lack of machismo and oomph…as this little recluse of mine is but a replica of the inner workings of my mind. Noisy, crowded, hyperactive and yearning. Though studies have shown that there also exist traces of intelligence and organization therein…but you must be warned that studies have also shown that inserting the phrase ” Studies have shown…” before a sentence is likely to increase its convincing ability by 60%.


Cluelessly yours,


When the boss leaves the office, rush to his seat and take an awesome pic.  That's the motto!




PS: Majority of the pictures used in this blog are sourced by me from works not of my own authorship, and obtained through a random Google search. No commercial gain is intended by myself from their use here. My apologies if attribution of such works is lacking from earlier posts. The background image is sourced from  here. Thank you.


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