A man shall always like to operate in controlled environments. Scenarios where a man can rely on existing certainties and an assurance of the environment as he knows it not being in an unrestrained state of flux. A man will always rein in what he can, never letting it all run riot.

A man finds comfort in the known, and fear in the unknown. He, and the universe as a whole, are averse to change. There is a consistent and futile search for equilibrium; its immediate attainment negated by the revival of the initial cycle. And so down, down the rabbit hole we go.

So, a man tries and tries to assure themselves of a few constants in his life. Looking for anchor-points, he sets goals, milestones and standards. Certainties that must be attained and maintained to ameliorate the vagaries of a world in flux. In vain maybe? A waste of time, resources, mental energy, one may say.

What then can a man do? To what God (Higher Being if a man chooses so) must a man pray to buffer against the buffeting waves? The seas of life are a torment in the storm, and a wondrous paradise in the calm. Even yet, the waters below are always changing. The vessel may remain unserviced and devoid of improvement. Woe unto the sailors aboard for the treacherous journey that lies yonder.

Yet the vessel may choose strategy; another certainty and control. Varying quality, severity and scope, they carry hope to the horizon. That though the seas may toss a man around, and plans and strategy cast overboard lest the vessel capsizes, crew and captain shall call safe into port.

A time comes when a man must stand tall and plan. Make choices. Improve. MOVE.

When uncertainties face him, he shall not cannot stand down, roll over and watch the ever-changing skies. He shall plant his feet into the ground, tuck in his coat-tails, and push. Push into the wind and sleet. A man shall carry the clarion call and lead into the dark, carrying his own true light and discovering his own true, yet changing, path as he goes.

                                          TROD THE UNBEATEN PATH


There Is No Such Thing As Reality


‘What is real? How exactly do you define “real”?’ – Morpheus in The Matrix (1999)

What exactly is this realness that we all believe exists, that defines what to believe and what to push away as a hoax? Who tells us that all we are going through right now is just one big lie? An illusion? A mirage that we call life? Who tells you that the sky is blue?

What exactly is this thing we call the sky? Is it even really blue?  Does it even exist? Is it “real” or just another figment of our imagination?

Of course, some of these are just baseless questions; mostly because my intelligence quotient seems to be reducing day-by-day.

Actually what’s nagging me is that we live in a world where we take some things as being given facts, never questioning their legitimacy. We do simply because anything to the contrary shreds away at the ancient notion of logic, drawn up by renowned Greek scholars.

These facts have been further embellished by religious teachings!

And these religions, all requiring their followers to (sometimes blindly) ‘have faith’ in the teachings, to never question these writings and philosophies, which have pushed us ever further from the pure knowledge that man once possessed.

Covering the truth with falsehood, then compelling their flock to follow their shepherd blindly (please note that this is NOT a Christian reference), and thus over the years, the bearers of truth have been persecuted, pushing the documentation of such knowledge down into the catacombs of the world.

Into a forgotten underworld, where those who are brave enough to venture are deemed criminals, heretics; excommunicated from the rest of civilization.

I believe there was a time, a knowledgeable time, when the world was full of scholars and knowledge was shared freely, without fear of being held in contempt by one’s peers, a time when knowledge was pure, unadulterated…when scholars ventured into fields unknown, regions parallel to what we now consider to be ‘the truth’.

Yes, yes, you are free to term these as ungodly times, indeed they might have been.

There is no denying that, as the world stands, there are some very questionable realms of knowledge that few dare venture into.

These are the original forms of knowledge, an adulterated form which remain as such due to their sometimes powerful or harmful results. We all know of them, not necessarily of their existence, but of them. We mention them in contempt. Why? Religion. Religion, which rightly so steers us clear of that path, because, whether you base your belief on a Higher Being or what-(whom-) ever else, these beliefs are meant to steer us off these destructive paths.

Yes, I know you’re thinking it already. And you probably think Mutegi has lost his marbles here, eh? Well, maybe I have. Or maybe we all have. And none of us is actually sane, and this planet is just a boiling broth-pot of insanity. To make it clear, yes, I do believe in magic. It is powerful. But whether it is wrong/evil and whatever else, I prefer not to answer. For all I know, some bit of it is. Indeed, whether you like it or not, witchcraft is real…. And I also know one other thing, there is a more powerful force than it out there; and depending on your faith, that force has many names, mine being the Holy Spirit.

And due to our limited knowledge of such fields of knowledge, we, with the background of our religious faiths, condemn them as being as wholly vile and evil. But how sure can we be?

One obvious thing is that our religions are not pure. Take a look at our present churches, and for Muslims their mosques.

They have been instilling religious fanaticism into their faithful flock. It is based on such thoughts that I know and believe that our religions at present are just as adulterated as knowledge is. Now you must really think I’ve totally lost it.

Well, in justification, take a look at the history books, specifically at the Roman Catholic Church.

Over the millennia, the man who has sat on St. Peter’s throne has led the largest religion on this planet unchallenged, well until the Reformation.

If you read further, you unearth facts, those that remain unchallenged by the Vatican itself because it is known to be the truth.

There have been times when Christianity as a religion on Earth was directed by selfish men, more of bloodthirsty, self-enriching individuals rather than a Pontifex Maximus.

The most suitable that fits into this “treatise” mine is condemnation and torture of Galileo Galilei. If it wasn’t for his works, mankind would still be living on a pancake per se. there’s a dose of adulterated knowledge for you.

I must however state that that the Vatican did officially apologize for this in the 80s; and to imagine that this is just one among the many.

We know, and accept that most of the Christian holidays that we observe at present share origins with given pagan rituals. Some deny this, some accept it. I personally commend it, because by doing so the Roman Catholic Church was able to bring the unbelieving into such a broad net…a fishing-net maybe, (humming: “I will make you fishers of men”). But that too is a form of adulterated knowledge. It is no longer as pure as it might have been intended to be. But we still believe, because this adulterated knowledge gives us a constant earthly reminder of that which we cannot see.

And here I beg to digress to a more, shall we say, controversial topic. This said Illuminati/Freemason fiasco. I have grown up, and continue to live a mere one kilometre away from the Freemason’s temple/lodge here in Nyeri. And as a kid, not a month would go without creepy stories doing rounds of children being abducted in the night or on their home back from school, and then being subjected weird rituals in that temple and a certain bamboo shrine built next to it. Definitely these tales were highly exaggerated for effect, but I will not deny that these guys had weird events going on there. What with heavy drumming in the middle of the night and random screaming (yes, I actually did hear these…and one week later the nearby residents burnt that Freemason Lodge down during the night).

And all over my high-school life, I had some of my most memorable arguments, in class, inside Kirkley House, in the Fourth Form Study Block…everywhere! And most of these revolved around famous artistes and their supposed Illuminati connections. No denying it, the world is rife with these secret societies. The purpose of their secrecy…who knows. Good or bad, there’s a reason for their secrecy and I constantly used one method to silence (albeit temporarily) my fellow interlocutors. “Bring forward solid proof, and not mere speculation, that this society is as evil as you claim it to be and that whoever the accused was is indeed a member”. And of course, there never was any. All that we have to “prove” such allegations is media speculation, and well it’s a given that the media writes what sells, even at the expense of truth. And in light of such debates, and the fact that I was known to be an ardent rock music fan, my faith came into question of course.

My position then and now is that we do not know what is real. We are blind in this world and we have very few and dim leading lights to show us the way…among them being our various religions. But even these lights cannot be followed blindly. Not even religion. Your faith and religion are two distinct concepts. One must all times be open to the idea of criticizing their religion, but never their faith. Only through questioning your religion will one truly understand what that body of knowledge entails, although never in its entirety.

That’s the thing about us humans. It is that mystery, that lack of knowledge, that belief in darkness that we call Faith that draws us to our religions. And those who know this manipulate this knowledge, this leading light, to lead unsuspecting individuals to a path of senseless indoctrination.

So, this is a humble plea, do not be blind.

Follow the facts, follow your heart, follow you faith.

This post was inspired by my four years of high school, a wee bit of trance music, a serene view of the coffee farms on the valley neighbouring my home, my church, Paulo Coelho’s novel Brida, an infatuation with The Matrix Trilogy and a dabble of senseless tweets posted by a certain individual who possesses a fetish for sharpening knives and whom I’m blessed to call a brother aka @Inde_fatigable.

Dead Or Alive

Empty roads. I love them. I simply do. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a relaxed neighbourhood such as mine, that monotonous snaking blacktop becomes just another human-made scar on Mother Nature’s virgin face. Just another means to get you where you need to be, speeding on the highway. Or for the unfortunate pedestrian, the sole reason why he arrives at the workplace in mud-stained shirts and trousers (Curse those speeding drivers and sludge-filled potholes!).

But in this Nyeri suburb, I have little of that to worry about, especially on one of those lazy Sunday afternoons that are usually spent napping. If the weather permits, I divert from the entrance to my neighbourhood, savour the silence that leeches through your very being, occasionally punctuated by the mating call of some extravagantly coloured bird. Drawing my memories back to the weekend I spent with friends watching rally cars appear round that black-spot bend that claimed so many lives back in the day (Anybody remember Tawfiq buses?). The day, on which the roar of those supercharged engines became my alarm clock, the dust we ate, my arrival home being greeted by my mum’s querying which war I had come from. And so I walk further.

Round that spiral of a bend that ascends the hill I call home, marvelling at what courage it took those rally drivers to manoeuvre it at hair-rising speeds. On I walk. As far as my feet deem necessary, across a treacherously narrow bridge that I am meant to believe has been in relentless service since 1950, as the plaque says. And I get this scary desire to test the limits, scoot over to the centre of the tarmac, look cluelessly around…then burst into a spasmodic presentation of the Running Man,

I can pull it fresher than the Fresh Prince!


Then  switch to the Azonto dance, which of course I can’t pull off, so it’ll look like just another eclectic version of the running Man, all this time, tempting fate as I expect a random vehicle to come round that bend. Tempting fate…or as Paulo Coelho so aptly titled it in The Alchemist: ‘’The World’s Biggest Lie’’.

I lie. I couldn’t do this. I simply in my sane, sober state CAN’T.Truth is, I am scared of this road, deeply terrified. I t holds dark tales, this one. Dark as the tar that binds the gravel on it. Tales that I am (un)fortunately unable to remember, a small token that the world pays to me for the pain that it actually causes.

These roads, I wish they could speak. Then tell of the metallic taste of all the blood they have tasted over the years, felt it clot on their hot, rough surface as it seeks to close non-existent wounds, not knowing that those in need of such biological reprieve edge closer to life’s only certainty by the second.

Come to think of it, what would it be like if the very to constants of this world switched sides. Death being the short, enjoyable yet vain period of our lives…wait, I mean deaths. Then followed by an inescapable destiny of life. Would we, just as we do now of death, dread this ‘life’? Seeking all possible avenues to postpone the inevitable? Would we still have those random clichés on seeing your whole ‘death’ flashing before you, the now ‘darkness at the end of the tunnel’ phrase.

What would we know about it? Would our seemingly dead hearts start beating at the end of our deaths? Would our skin suddenly tingle with the sensation of sensing the world, goose-pimples rippling over our skin at the sudden fear of being alive? Wait, would we be fearful? Would you be scared?

Back to the real world. Are you scared of death? Heck, why ask. OF COURSE you are! Everyone is. Some pretend to be badass and stuff, but there’s no escaping it. The worlds’ constant. And this fear, what would it take to drive it away?

If only we knew just what exactly death felt like. For someone to go past that portal and by grace, turn back, to tell an untold tale. Would we fear death then? If indeed it is all about that white light, that comfort of leaving the world’s hardships behind, would we embrace it?

But wouldn’t that be an anti-climax in the functioning of the universe? A critical blow to the tenets of various religions. So maybe it should just stay as it is. Maybe, for sanity’s sake, it is okay this once to stick with the status quo.

And so I will remain scared of pulling of that Running-man/Azonto stunt on the tarmac…though eventually I will pull it off, thanks to low traffic and stuff, of course. And with God’s grace, we’ll make the most of our lives, knowing they could be gone the next minute, peaceably or otherwise.


Christianity Is Rotting

Has anyone ever counted the number of churches there are in Kenya? Starting from Helicopter of Christ, Gate To Sacrifice (which sounds more like a suicidal cult), Holy Lamb Centre International Church Organization… It’s like there’s an underground competition on weird names and number of weird attendees, weirder services, and even weirder methods of ‘casting out demons’ ‘worshipping’ and the obvious collection of ‘tithe and offerings’.

I remember in the good old days of primary school, we never needed alarm clocks for a while. At precisely 3 o’clock the stealthily silence of the night would break, literally. A never-ending crusade equipped with what I believe were the best loudspeakers and amps one could buy at that time would begin their ‘ministry’. It was mostly composed of the usual kigosho songs of Kikuyu land…which, however, were sang at a variation of pitches that was once thought not to be achievable by a single human being. Trust me the whole boarding section of the school would not catch a glimpse of sleep then. I owe them one actually. Waking me up during that KCPE period, good one there.

This kind of ‘crusading’ is quite common. Where hours are spent screaming, ululating, gyrating in the name of praising the Most High. And people flock to such gatherings. Some true devout Christians. Others just a part of the idle village crowd seeking a break from the monotony of their drunkenness.

And in all these crusades, a few things are commonplace: casting out ‘demons’, and the collection of ‘offerings’. (Excuse the excessive use of quotation marks. I wish there was a better way to express my skeptism.) Some of these men and women of God are truly working for the greater good of this world. But in these corrupt days of the world a majority are posers, con-men, tricksters looking for that easy shilling. I bet those who are more conversant in the Bible than I am can give more specific reference but I believe the influx of false prophets was prophesied.

So unless one can assure me that that church built next door to a local pub has a clean bill truly is a House of God without blemish, I will continually shun its presence and practices. The same one where the pastor screams one of those “warrior screams” in the middle of a sermon…maybe it’s a technique to keep the flock awake.

I would rather stick to calm melodic worship songs than your screams in the name worship. The supposed casting out of demons, well, it’s quite easy to hire actors off the street nowadays. And those offerings, goodness! Let’s just say I envy that mansion you got yourself there.

Remember, we live in a world where eminent Cardinals of the Vatican will freely drink their Tusker Probox right next to you. Well, at least they don’t do it behind closed doors. And my heart bleeds for those innocent altar boys who passed through the hands of supposed men of the cloth. We live in a world of hypocrisy, corruption and vice. Not knowing who to believe. The very religion that preaches peace and reconciliation constantly trying to widen the rift between it and Islam, creating a breed of fundamentalists who continuously strive to spill even more blood. Since the Crusades, it has never ended. It even grows stronger now.

I just wonder. Is this the Christianity that Christ died on the cross for?

Norway Massacre: A Kenyan Perspective

Who said this can’t happen to Kenya?  1 man, 3 guns, 1 crazed mind, leaving Norway, one of the most peaceful and stable Nordic countries, drowning in the blood of 90+ people dead.

Anders Behring Breivik, a well- educated man, residing as a somewhat loner in his farmhouse with only his mother for company, listing his interests on Facebook as bodybuilding, hunting, and Freemasonry (weird huh?) He also listed himself as a Conservative Christian and, through the Internet, was found to have strong anti-Islamic views. He also was allegedly affiliated to the right wing…which I don’t think has ever or will ever be a good thing.  He, thus, would be in opposition of the Norwegian Labour Party, whose Oslo offices, where he was seen earlier that day, were bombed. Approximately 90 minutes later, he opened fire at teenagers at a Labour Party camping retreat on the Utoeya Island.  Dressed as a policeman, he beckoned campers (who thought he was protective detail) towards him. He then opened fire on them…pushing most to the water’s edge where he shot many as they tried to swim to safety on the mainland. And after questioning, he unashamedly admitted that his actions were indeed “gruesome yet necessary”.

Labour Party offices in Oslo

What anyone would ask is what pushed an ordinary man to turn on his fellow countrymen, most of them aged between 14-18 years? Young innocent lives olucked at their prime. Well, we all know that the moment that bomb went off, the whole world was on the “Al-Qaeda” and Islamist jihad stereotype, believing that such acts could only be carried out by Osama’s cohorts (may the sharks feed on him thoroughly). So immediately the minute detail that the shooter/bomber was Caucasian, the terrorist title was quickly replaced with MADMAN! Difference much? In this entire disillusion, the Sun (a major British daily) published its front-page headline as: “‘Al-Qaeda’ Massacre; Norway’s 9/11”.

The Sun's headline on Saturday

Al- Qaeda? From where? The perpetrator was a right-wing Christian extremist!

Does the West understand the term ‘domestic terrorism’?

And as a Kenyan, this particularly worries me, putting into consideration the hard times our nation is going through presently. With an estimated 10 mil. people enduring the worst famine in 60 years, a disgruntled populous, a rising cost of living, the hassles of implementing a new Constitution while all along all the country’s leadership can think of is 2012 – elections! I bet none of them have watched 2012, the movie. Considering how mundane their views and actions sometimes are, maybe they would believe the movie and be focussing on…hell, they can’t even focus!

2011 has been the year of revolution: Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, even the former pearl of Africa, Uganda. However much I pray that Kenya be spared that fate, I bet even blindest man on the streets of Nairobi could ‘see’ that all the ingredients for a revolution are right here with us, just waiting for that explosive trigger. And judging from the ‘efficiency’ of university comrades in rioting (not forgetting K’ogalo fans); we are yet to see the worst from them. The recent go-slow by the Police Force comes to mind. Its timing was just…for lack of a better word, marvellous. The Baks, heading back to his retirement home from Manyani, had his escort in shambles as all radio comms were down. They had to use mobile phones…MOBILE PHONES! I’m even scared to think of the worst case scenario if his security had been compromised; considering the rise in hacking lately. And however much I hate the Kenyan police (for all the bribes they take and their baseless harassment), they are Kenyans. And just like any other citizen, they also bear the brunt of harsh times. So their call for their promised pay-rise IS justified.

But the Police are part of disciplined forces. So it might take a little more for them to go psycho – if they haven’t already. The trigger of such catastrophes is the basic struggles and/or stereotypes in day-to-day life. Like this ‘I’m-Muslim-So-I-Will-Bomb-You’ mentality, just sad. I was lucky to go to school near Eastleigh, the Somalia inside Kenya minus all the warfare. So between, wondering if the lady behind that bui-bui was hot or deciphering some of that language (too phlegmatic), I got to live alongside and befriend many who profess Islam. Spending 4 years with people of various cultures, flare-ups on cultural & religious fundamentalism were inevitable. And debate on these issues was common and some very confounded rumours too (like the C.U. official who vehemently claimed that Muslims worshipped genies! How now?).  Discussion. Discussion. DISCUSSION! The level of respect I gained for Islam in those years is priceless. Especially noting how devout they are, and never willing to stand back and see their religion’s name defaced.

Back to Norway, I pray that that guy’s motive was more political than religious. The world doesn’t need any more of those. However much an advocate for the sanctity of life I am, this is one guy who deserves the gallows (is the death penalty legal in Norway?) 93 people’s lives on your soul is too much, just too much! 1 is even more than enough! if you disagree, listen to this eyewitness account of the Utoeya Island attack:

As for Kenya… GOD HELP US.

And as a footnote: Oslo, Norway is the home of the Nobel Peace Prize. Just shows how the quaintest locales are the easiest to push into havoc. Although the Peace Prize itself has quite some contradictions in its origins.